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We take great pride in the expert plumbing services we provide in Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Behind each review lies a story of a problem solved, a challenge overcome, and trust earned. Whether a homeowner or a business, our mission remains consistent: to deliver the best.

  • "Kyle and his team are reliable, trustworthy, and exports at what they do. We've been using them as our go-to plumbers for a long time and I highly recommend them. If you need plumbing help in Vancouver, I highly reccommend them!

    Sarah J. Home Owner
  • We faced an urgent plumbing issue, and Marpole Plumbing promptly arrived to address the problem without delay. We are highly thankful for their quick responsive to the issue on hand.

    Ryan R. Home Owner
  • Amazing service! Kyle really knows his stuff - this is my second time hiring them. Super friendly and respectful. They made sure to keep my place clean and tidy. I'd totally suggest them for any home leaks or replacing drain-tiles.

    Karen D Home Owner
  • Running a restaurant comes with its set of challenges, but with Kyle by our side, plumbing is one less thing to worry about. Kyle and his team assisted with everything from our grease trap dilemmas to ensuring our entire kitchen piping system was fire compliant. Not to mention, their swift response during our commercial dishwasher hiccup was a godsend. It's rare to find a company so adept and committed. Highly recommended for any business seeking top-tier plumbing solutions

    Phil H. Operations Manager
  • At Marpole Plumbing, their professionalism shone when addressing our home's varied plumbing hiccups, from the minor leaky faucet to a more intricate main line problem. I was particularly impressed by their timely service and their proactive approach, providing preventative advice for future issues. Their dedication to ensuring client comfort is clear. For top-notch, detailed-oriented service, Marpole Plumbing is my go-to recommendation

    Emily F. Home Owner
  • Faced a sudden water heater breakdown, and Marpole Plumbing came to the rescue! Their team was quick to respond and had us back to warm showers in no time. Professional, efficient, and courteous - they turned a stressful situation into a smooth-sailing one. Can't thank them enough!

    Zackery M. Home Owner
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